Very good and practical advice!

As we did at Rigor, in my current position we also do the sessions with the heads of the other departments. In addition to the fact that it’s a great way to learn for the new employees- I find it super helpful for those department heads. When you have to synthesize what your department does without counting on brand experience and you have to do it in a way that makes sense to someone new and connecting to why it helps the business overall - THAT exercise puts us closer to how we should be thinking about our departments anyway. I often find myself feeling that how I explain Customer Success to new employees revitalizes my passion for it and it’s my job to bring that energy back to the people that have been here for years with their day to days.

Thanks again!

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Fantastic point!!! Just like it can be hard to distill a company's essence into a phrase, it can be hard to summarize the heart and purpose of a department. Great clarity for all involved.

You are the master at this! I still know the main values of Rigor Custom Success.

"Presales is postsales. Post is pre..."

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