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Some of my favorite topics are how to start companies, scaling startups, customer success strategies, productivity tips and tricks, and raising money.

Who am I?

I am a partner at Atlanta Ventures, mom of 2 boys, spouse of 9 years, and a washed up endurance athlete ;)

I scaled multiple tech companies, as a customer success leader and COO, with exits to large public tech companies.

I've been a team of 1, led a team of 50, built a department from scratch, seen customer growth from 80 to 2000, managed a F500 acquisition, and hired and trained 100s of people.

I also did 7 Ironmans with multiple World Championships along the way.

I love startups and my passion is helping entrepreneurs, especially women.

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Startup COO turned VC. 7x Ironman. Mom of 2. I write about startups and life.