I found your post to be incredibly insightful and valuable. The playbook provided a wealth of helpful insights that I thoroughly appreciated. I do find both CSAT/NPS and usage/engagement metrics to be quite informative, though I've come to understand that neither stands as the sole determinant.

I've learned that the effectiveness of playbooks varies widely based on the solution they're applied to. For instance, in a Wellness solution, 'usage' holds significantly more significance compared to an 'observability' solution. In observability, the mere use of a platform doesn't generate ROI; rather, it's about taking action on that information to derive actual value. On the other hand, in Wellness solutions, the usage itself holds inherent value.

In my view, the primary focus should revolve around two critical aspects:

1. Realizing tangible value (identifying, measuring, documenting, and celebrating positive business outcomes)

2. Progressing through a sequence of milestones, from simpler to more complex, creating a sort of Journey Map. This approach ensures that the value isn't merely anecdotal.

However, your outlined playbook is incredibly beneficial in steering customer relationships toward achieving these goals. Balancing usage and satisfaction could indeed transform how engaged they are in collaborating on positive business outcomes.

I genuinely find this playbook to be super helpful and actionable! Thank you for sharing such valuable insights.

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Yessssss! Great points, Sensei Francis!

The Customer's North Star is the most important thing to focus on! aka delivering value on real business goals that they care about (which is never "use more of this software tool")

Sometimes usage or CSAT can be aligned with the North Star but often they are proxies.

Post coming soon to dig in further! Look forward to your thoughts!

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